Vascular Services

We treat and manage a range of conditions related to the arteries and veins like aortic aneurysms, peripheral arterial disease, venous disease and carotid disease.

We provide a comprehensive non-invasive vascular diagnostic service at our facility including Duplex ultra-sonography, arterial hemodynamic studies (ABI, TBI and segmental pressure studies) and venous hemodynamic studies (light reflex rheography and venous plethysmography).

Our vascular interventional services include treatment of varicose veins using cutting edge technology like Venaseal glue ablation, Radiofrequency ablation and Clarivein therapy for varicose veins as well as endovascular (key-hole) and open surgical management of aortic and peripheral arterial disease.

We also provide advanced wound care for diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers with innovative wound therapies like high dose topical oxygen therapy, negative pressure wound therapy and ultrasonic wound stimulation for difficult to heal leg ulcers.

Light Reflex Rheography (LRR) What is a Light Reflex Rheography or LRR? Light reflex Rheography is a refined form of Photo-Plethysmography (PPG). This method is a non-invasive examination which measures the venous blood flow in... more