4 Symptoms of a Heart Attack that Women may Overlook

While the classic symptoms of a heart attack, such as chest pain and discomfort in the left arm, are common for men, symptoms in women are less well-defined and may even be silent.

Over the years, we have seen many female patients that had suffered from a minor heart attack without even knowing it. Some patients reported having shortness of breath, weeks prior to suffering a heart attack. Other patients experienced jaw pain that goes on and off for weeks. Many of those patients might mistake this as a dental problem and suffer a heart attack days later.

These symptoms of heart attack in women are not the common ones that almost of us usually expect when a heart attack occurs. It pays to know what these symptoms are so that as soon as they manifest, you can consciously make a decision to see your cardiologist in Singapore and prevent an emergency from happening.

Ladies, You Have The Power To Take Care Of Your Heart!

Visit your cardiologist for a heart health screen if you have done so in the last 2 years. Learn about your current heart condition and your risk profile. Be proactive and take care of your heart by knowing the signs and symptoms that you need to watch out for before it’s too late.

A discussion with your cardiologist in Singapore is particularly important because some women can experience a heart attack even without the usual heaviness of the chest associated with it.

In fact, here are four other symptoms of a heart attack which you could easily dismiss off as common pain or flu:

Fatigue-like pains

You might think you’re just tired, or you’ve just overworked a muscle, but pain in the arm, back, neck and jaw might be warning signs of a heart attack for women. If you experience these pains, have a discussion with your cardiologist as soon as possible.

Cold sweats, nausea and light-headedness

These might look like symptoms of a flu. But if you are not experiencing the other normal flu like symptoms, i.e. fever, a running nose, sneezing, coughing or a sore throat, you might be experiencing a heart attack. Get yourself to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

Pressure of the upper back region

It is common to associate pressure or a squeezing sensation of the back to normal back pain or muscle ache. However, if you experience a squeezing sensation in your upper back region, like a rope is being tied around you, you might be experiencing a heart attack. Call 995 or get to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Shortness of breath

If you suddenly feel out of breath, as if you just finished running a marathon, yet you have not done any physical activities, it might be a sign that your heart is in trouble. You should immediately call an ambulance and get to the emergency room.

Discuss Heart Attack Signs with Your Cardiologist In Singapore

You would be lucky if you survive a mild stroke or heart attack without even knowing it. In Singapore, 1 out of 3 recorded deaths was due to heart disease or stroke in 2014. Of the 19,393 people who died of cardiovascular disease in 2014, 46% were women.

A visit to your cardiologist in Singapore will help you plan and carry out practical lifestyle changes which you can follow to lower your risk of having a heart attack. Remember, your family depends on you, so live strong with a healthy heart!

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