Control Your Heartbeat

A pacemaker corrects a slow or irregular heartbeat and treats heart failure.

Control Heart Rhythm Disorders

We offer other implanted cardiac devices to serve different functions and purpose.

Cardiac Pacemakers & Devices

A cardiac pacemaker is a small electronic device used to control your heartbeat. It is implanted to correct a slow or irregular heartbeat, or to treat heart failure. About the size of a match box, it is usually placed under the skin below the left or right collar bone, during a surgical procedure.

There are other implanted cardiac devices which can help control heart rhythm disorders. While they differ in function and purpose, they all come with the expertise and experience of our dedicated staff.

Cardiac Pacemakers & Devices
Cardiologist and Cardiac Surgeon - What is the Difference?
Cardiovascular disease is one of the top causes of death in much of the developed world. Both cardiologists and cardiac surgeons (also referred to as cardiothoracic surgeons) lead the fight against this deadly threat. While both professions are concerned with treatments of heart conditions, there are some critical differences between the two related fields. Both start their journeys by attending higher education programs that teach the building blocks of medicine, but that is where the similarities end. After a few years of medical education, their training diverges, the duties they perform differ, and their specialties can vary greatly.
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How can snoring affect your heart?
Has your partner ever said you snore? Have they ever mentioned that you sometimes stop breathing when you sleep? If so, you may have sleep apnea, a potentially serious sleep disorder that can have significant consequences for the heart and arteries.
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How Can I Improve My Heart Health?
One of the most common answers a doctor will give you on any health-related questions is this: Diet and exercise. The key to increasing your heart health is just that - eat better and work out. However, it can be hard to pick up a new exercise routine if you don’t know where to start. Similarly, changing the way you’ve been eating for years can be just as much of a challenge. We understand how difficult lifestyle changes can be, so we’ve put together a few simple things you can do to start improving your heart health.
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