Control Your Heartbeat

A pacemaker corrects a slow or irregular heartbeat and treats heart failure.

Control Heart Rhythm Disorders

We offer other implanted cardiac devices to serve different functions and purpose.

Cardiac Pacemakers & Devices

A cardiac pacemaker is a small electronic device used to control your heartbeat. It is implanted to correct a slow or irregular heartbeat, or to treat heart failure. About the size of a match box, it is usually placed under the skin below the left or right collar bone, during a surgical procedure.

There are other implanted cardiac devices which can help control heart rhythm disorders. While they differ in function and purpose, they all come with the expertise and experience of our dedicated staff.

Cardiac Pacemakers & Devices
5 Causes of Chest Pain Unrelated to the Heart
When people get chest pain they often immediately think of their heart. Heart causes of chest pain are the most important to diagnose, so it’s important if you do have chest pain that you come for assessment so we can reach the correct diagnosis, but are all chest pains a result of heart disease? NO!
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5 Effective Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally with Your Diet
We know that having a high cholesterol is associated with heart attacks, strokes and death (cardiovascular disease) and that lowering cholesterol with medications called statins is an effective way to lower your risk of disease.
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Myocarditis and Pericarditis after Administration of an mRNA Covid-19 vaccination
Our clinic has recently seen a number of healthy patients, mostly teenagers and young men, who started to describe symptoms such as chest discomfort, laboured breathing and palpitations (the sense that their heartbeat is abnormal) several days after administration of the 1st or 2nd dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech and the Moderna mRNA–based lipid nanoparticle vaccines.
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