Does Chest Pain Always Indicate Cardiovascular Disease?

Harley Street doctors are known for their medical excellence, and their holistic approach to patients. Harley Street is a one-stop center providing screening packages, cardiac investigations, sports cardiology, and vascular diagnostic tests. One of the most common symptoms Harley Street doctors deal with is chest pain. In this article we discuss why cardiologists are the best doctors to deal with chest pain, and what are the usual causes of chest pain.

Why Heart Doctors are Important?

Heart doctors or cardiologists are medical professionals who have in-depth knowledge about heart function and its disorders. They train for between 5-10 years after medical school specifically in the diagnosis and treatment of heart and artery disorders. People see heart doctors for heart screening, management of symptoms, treatment of disease, or heart rehabilitation. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people die from heart disease in Singapore. 80% of heart attacks and strokes are preventable with the right care.

Cardiovascular disease is a general name used to describe problems affecting the function of the heart and its blood vessels. Heart failure, heart attack, arrhythmias, congenital heart problems and coronary artery disorders are common heart diseases.

How Much Does it Cost to See a Heart Doctor in Singapore?

The typical cost for an initial clinic visit with a heart specialist in Singapore is $190 to $400. This price is for a consultation only. After your consultation, your doctor may recommend tests and treatments that help you prevent heart disease and improve your quality of life. The common tests that are done are: echocardiography, ECG, blood tests, CT scanning and stress tests.

People who are Singaporean, permanent resident, or SAF member gets subsidized medical expenses. MediSave can help healthcare costs. MediSave is a national savings scheme in Singapore allocated to hospitalization and other healthcare needs.

To know more about what is included and not in MediSave, visit the Singapore government website.

Non-Singaporean or PRs will either need to pay themselves or with their insurance policy. It is wirth contacting your insurance policy to see what they cover and which specialists are on their panel.

How to Find the Best Heart Doctors in Singapore?

There is no hard and fast rule in finding the best doctors in Singapore. It is useful to know that there are subspecialties in cardiology. The main subspecialties are – prevention, intervention, electrophysiology and heart failure. All subspecialties can deal with the majority of conditions. They will refer to others if they need help with a procedure. When you want to see a doctor for a heart screening, minimally-invasive procedure, and cardiac rehabilitation, contact Harley Street.

Cardiovascular Disease Singapore: The Importance of Heart Screening

According to the World Health Organization, about 18 million die from cardiovascular disorders each year. If not monitored or treated, cardiovascular diseases can lead to stroke, heart attack, and even death.

Heart doctors play a vital role in the early detection and management of cardiovascular conditions. People in high-risk groups should get a heart screening. Depending on the outcome, your heart condition can be managed conservatively (lifestyle modifications), through drug therapy (use of Statins), or surgery. Your heart doctor will discuss this with you further in detail during your clinic visit.

Does Chest Pain Indicate Cardiovascular Disease?

Chest pain can suggest a life-threatening disorder. It is the primary complaint of people who have cardiovascular disease. However, this is not always the case. People with gastrointestinal reflux, pneumonia, and esophageal perforation can also report chest pain. In addition a lot of chest pain is caused my muscular disease.

Chest pain, coming from the heart, is usually a pressure-like sensation. You may feel a burning, crushing, or tightness sensation in the chest area that can radiate to your arms, shoulder, or neck. Sometimes, you may also feel sick or dizzy with chest pain from the heart.

If you have chest pain that spreads to your arm, shoulder, jaw, or neck, you are short of breath, and you feel you are about to faint, these may be signs of an impending heart attack. Call your heart doctor immediately or dial 995.

People often confuse heart attack with heart failure. Know the difference between these two conditions. Watch the video here.


Take the time to find the best cardiologist to manage your condition. If you have chest pain it is always worth having it assessed by a cardiologist to exclude heart disease.

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