Cardiac rehabilitation program aims to help patients with heart conditions such as blocked arteries and heart failure to regain their lives after an event. It is a structured exercise program prescribed by your cardiologist and the goal is to help you recover from a cardiac event and reduce your risk of similar problems in the future.

The endpoint of the program is helping patients achieve better quality of life by improving their ability to carry out their usual activities of daily life and be physically more active.

How Sleep Deprivation Leads to Cardiovascular Diseases
Getting sufficient sleep is pivotal to health and wellbeing. But 4 in 10 Singaporeans report experiencing sleeping difficulty, and more recently 1 in 6. say they aren’t sleeping due to worries about Covid-19.
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5 Simple Tests To Help You Achieve Optimal Heart Health
There is nothing more painful than losing a loved one to sudden death due to heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke. These cardiovascular diseases all find their root cause in coronary artery disease, which you could develop when your heart artery is blocked with fatty plaques. Thankfully, seeing your cardiologist in Singapore for regular cardiac...
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Heart Healthy Diets - The Mediterranean Diet
Chances are, you have probably heard about the Mediterranean Diet, either in the media or from friends and family. But what is it exactly? It is more of a style of eating than a traditional diet, and top health experts from around the world sing its praise. One of the reasons for this praise is that it is one of the only diets shown to reduce heart attack and stroke in clinical trials (PREDIMED study). The following article will explain the Mediterranean diet, the health benefits of this eating style, and suggestions on following it.
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