Cardiac rehabilitation program aims to help patients with heart conditions such as blocked arteries and heart failure to regain their lives after an event. It is a structured exercise program prescribed by your cardiologist and the goal is to help you recover from a cardiac event and reduce your risk of similar problems in the future.

The endpoint of the program is helping patients achieve better quality of life by improving their ability to carry out their usual activities of daily life and be physically more active.

What is Causing my Breathlessness?
Breathlessness is super common! 25% of patients seen by doctors in the clinic are there because of breathlessness. The medical term for it is dyspnea. Breathlessness or shortness of breath is a common clinical manifestation of many underlying conditions.
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A Global Health Pandemic: What is Heart Failure?
One of the leading cardiovascular diseases that take a toll on health globally is heart failure. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 6 million American adults are diagnosed with heart failure. In Singapore, heart failure is common, affecting 1 in 20 Singaporeans.
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What Should I Ask the Cardiologist at My First Check-Up?
Going to see any new doctor can be a nerve-wracking experience. Heart problems are a leading cause of death in many places, making heart health of utmost importance. If you have a problem with your heart or a family history of heart-related issues, the sense of agitation can be even worse when seeing a cardiologist for the first time.
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