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Everything Sleep Apnea

09 Oct 2020

Do you......  Wake up feeling tired? Have difficulty concentrating during the day? Have a low-level headache or daytime fatigue?   You may have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  OSA is a big issue in Singapore! It is thought to affect around 1/3 of people, yet most people don't even know they have it. It not only leaves you feeling drained, but it is associated with serious medical problems like coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, heart failure, and heart attacks!  In this episode of Harley Street Health, I talk to ENT surgeon Dr Dennis Chua.  We discuss everything OSA including what causes it,  how to spot if you have it, and how to treat it.  If you like this episode please share it!  Dr Michael MacDonald, Consultant Cardiologist,  Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre, #11-07 Mount Elizabeth Orchard Medical Centre. Www.Heartdoctormacdonald.com  www.harleystreet.sg/heart  Dr Dennis Chua, ENT & Facial Plastics Surgeon. #08-02 Mount Elizabeth Orchard Medical Centre.   www.drdennischua.com

Diabetes - Beginners guide

08 Oct 2020

We all have friends and family with diabetes. Diabetes is now at epidemic levels and leads to major issues like heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and blindness. In this episode of Harley Street Health Dr Michael MacDonald has a chat with consultant endocrinologist Dr Daniel Wai about everything diabetes!  We go back to basics and cover the most common questions: What is it? How do you know you have it? Why it is such a big problem? How do you treat it and even how can you prevent it?  If you found the episode helpful please share it with your family and friends.  Dr Daniel Wai is a consultant endocrinologist in Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, Orchard https://drdanielwai.com.sg/  Dr Michael MacDonald is a consultant cardiologist at Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre. Https://heartdoctormacdonald.com https://www.harleystreet.sg/heart/

Heart attacks and heart failure - what's the difference?

08 Oct 2020

All the different terms for heart disease can be really confusing.....heart attacks, heart failure, coronary artery disease.... In this podcast episode, Cardiologist Dr Michael MacDonald discusses the differences.  The primary process that leads to a lot of heart disease is called atherosclerosis.  Lipid rich plaques form in the walls of the coronary arteries.  When these plaques get inflamed, they can rupture, and a clot can form in the coronary artery, stopping blood flow to the heart muscle. This is called a heart attack (or myocardial infarction).  This process can cause sudden death and damage to the heart muscle.    The heart is a muscular pump. Any process that causes the heart to fail to pump properly is called heart failure.  One of the commonest causes of heart failure is heart attacks. The heart is left damaged after a heart attack, and the patient develops heart failure. www.harleystreet.sg/heart  Dr Michael MacDonald is a senior consultant cardiologist at the Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre, Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, Orchard.  You can book an appointment with Dr MacDonald on +65 6235 5300 https://heartdoctormacdonald.com

What women don’t want..... understanding pelvic congestion syndrome

30 Jul 2020

Pelvic congestion syndrome is remarkably common and treatable, but very under diagnosed. It causes chronic pelvic pain and can be described as varicose veins in the pelvis. In this episode Dr Michael MacDonald interviews Dr Ram, a vascular surgeon at the Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre, Singapore about PCS. HTTPS://heartdoctormacdonald.com www.Harley street.sg

Palpitations- what are they and what can you do about them?

10 Jul 2020

In this episode Dr Michael MacDonald interviews heart arrhythmia specialist Dr Reginald Liew about palpitations. We discuss what they are, what causes them and how best to treat them. HTTPS://heartdoctormacdonald.com Www.harleystreet.sg

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