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Heart Surgery
5 Effective Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally with Your Diet
We know that having a high cholesterol is associated with heart attacks, strokes and death (cardiovascular disease) and that lowering cholesterol with medications called statins is an effective way to lower your risk of disease.
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Is Red Wine Really Good for the Heart?
Is red wine actually good for the heart? The short answer is yes - and no. It depends very much on your personal and familial health history, among other matters. This article will give you a good idea of the risks and rewards of red wine on heart health, but before going out to buy a bottle for health reasons, consult a medical professional. You should not start drinking red wine for health benefits without discussing it with your doctor, but if you already enjoy an occasional glass with your dinner, you may be at reduced risk for some heart-related health issues.
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Fixing A Broken Heart: How Your Cardiologist In Singapore Can Help You Manage Heart Failure
When your heart is not able to pump enough blood to supply much needed oxygen and nutrients to your body's organs and tissues, the condition is known as heart failure. In most people, heart failure is a chronic disease that has no cure. If you have been diagnosed with chronic heart failure, seeing your cardiologist will...
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