Risk Assessment and Screening

Our state-of-the-art screening packages determine your risks and causes of arterial disease, and the best treatment options

Vascular and Cardiology Specialists

Our expert cardiology physicians work alongside our vascular specialists, to manage the associated risk of heart disease and stroke

Our circulation is a complex circuit of tubes (blood vessels) that start at the heart, carry blood to the various organs of the body via arteries and return the blood from these organs and tissues to the heart via veins. Diseases of the arteries including the major artery that transports blood from the heart called the aorta can occur from deposition of cholesterol and calcium. This can lead to blockages in the arteries with loss of blood flow to the organs and limbs or weaknesses in the wall artery causing it to balloon out – a condition called an aneurysm. Aneurysms occur particularly in the aorta and a rupture of the wall of an aneurysm is often a fatal event. These conditions are closely linked to heart disease and stroke and caused by similar lifestyle factors of smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and a sedentary lifestyle.

At the Harley Street Heart and Vascular Centre, we offer a full range of assessments needed for diseases of the arteries at our state-of-the-art Vascular Diagnostic laboratory at Gleneagles Hospital. We also offer screening programs for aortic aneurysms, peripheral arterial disease and diabetic foot care and follow up care and risk modification for these patients. Our vascular specialists are skilled in both keyhole (endovascular) and open methods of treatment for diseases of the arteries and aorta. This is complemented by our expert cardiology physicians who manage the risk of heart disease and stroke associated with these conditions.

For a full assessment for arterial and aortic disease or to book a vascular health screen, contact us or visit the relevant pages of this website for more information.

Arterial and Aortic Interventions
Light Reflex Rheography (LRR)
What is a Light Reflex Rheography or LRR? Light reflex Rheography is a refined form of Photo-Plethysmography (PPG). This method is a non-invasive examination which measures the venous blood flow in the lower legs using infrared light, to evaluate the function of venous valves and the effectiveness of venous muscle pump. Venous blood volume changes...
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