Erectile Dysfunction and Vascular Men’s Health

A variety of causes from low testosterone levels, diabetes, medications, stress and lifestyle can lead to erectile dysfunctions in men. About half of these are related to the arteries and veins that supply blood to and drain blood from the male reproductive organs and pelvis. Blockages of the arteries from cholesterol and calcium deposition in the wall of the arteries supplying blood to the pelvis is a common cause. Poor maintenance of an erection may occur from a rapid leakage of blood from the veins draining the pelvis. Of course, both these can have significant psychological impact on men and strain relationships, affect work and mental well-being.

Many men who are suffering from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are offered prescriptions of the “blue pill” without a full clinical assessment and investigation. These drugs are effective for some causes of the condition only, and vascular causes will need either an opening up of the blockages in the artery or stopping the excessive leak in the veins.

At Harley Street Vascular Centre, our highly skilled vascular team follow a strict diagnostic protocol consisting of a detailed history, hormone studies and hemodynamic testing for erectile dysfunction as we strive to provide accurate and effective diagnostic and treatment services for our patients.

To see if you need a confidential assessment for erectile dysfunction, run your SHIM (Sexual Health Inventory for Men) score here. A score of 22 or less needs a medical assessment by a physician. You may contact us to make an appointment.

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